We all love seeing bears, but bears that become accustomed to finding food near people can become nuisance animals, and sometimes end up being shot. Bears that become accustomed to foraging near houses will teach their cub the same habits, and they will lose the ability to survive as wild bears.

  • Do not put out bird feeders from April 1 (at the latest) through December 1.
  • Do not leave pet food outside
  • Clean barbecue grills or keep them in a secure location
  • Install electric fencing around food sources such as dumpsters, chicken coops, berry gardens and beehives. Bait the fence (this is important!) with peanut butter wrapped in foil. This will make the bear touch the fence with its nose.
  • Add carbon-rich “brown” materials, such as leaves, to compost to make it “as scent-free as possible.” Avoid adding meats and smelly foods, and turn the pile over every few weeks.