School and Classroom Programs

“Our year-long work with BEEC keeps the natural world in our lens of learning.  What we do with BEEC ties in with what we are doing in class.” – local teacher

Classes are invited to visit BEEC’s beautiful 60 acres of fields and forest at Heifer Hill, on Bonnyvale Road, in West Brattleboro. In addition to the spectacular views atop Heifer Hill, we boast an array of diverse habitats including meadows, hemlock groves, a mature hardwood forest, woodland streams, a pond and a spectacular vernal pool. Many of our programs can also take place in your classroom and the natural area surrounding your school.  All school programs have an emphasis on observation and inquiry, hands-on activities, outdoor exploration, and learning through the scientific process.  Programs are designed to meet grade-specific Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), but are adaptable to a variety of grade levels.

Below is the listing of School Programs by Grade.  In addition we offer:

Contact Joan Carey, , with inquiries and to register for programs.
Program Fee Effective July 1, 2017 – $100 per hour. Discounts available for all-school contracts.
Program lengths vary. See individual descriptions.

School Programs by Grade

Kindergarten programs support both Life, Earth and Physical Science studies.  Plant and Animal Survival  programs examine what an organism needs to survive as well as the relationship between these life forms and where they live. A class that supports Pushes and Pulls  examines how these forces are evident in the natural world.

First Grade programs support Life Science studies of  Plant and Animal Design, as we explore the structure and function, as well as the life cycles of both plants and animals.

Second Grade programs support both Life and Earth Science studies. Plant and Animal Interactions programs examine which organisms live where and how they help each other survive. Earth’s Changing Surface programs include streamscape and rock studies to explore the processes that shape Earth.

Third Grade programs support studies of the Life Sciences. Surviving in an Ecosystem programs study organism life cycles and adaptations while comparing and contrasting different aquatic ecosystems. Adaptations and the Nature of Selection programs dive into adaptations, traits, variation and natural selection.

Fourth Grade programs support both Life and Earth Science studies. Animal Habits and Habitats programs explore the structure, function and information processing of animals. Rock Mystery programs investigate patterns and rock types that relate to local geological history.

Fifth Grade programs support both Life and Earth Science studies. Ecosystem Essentials are examined in terms of their interdependent relationships, and students develop an understanding of the structures of an ecosystem. Earth Systems programs reveals the interactions between two of the Earth’s spheres as students unravel the clues offered by the landscape and local bedrock.

Sixth Grade programs support both Life and Earth Science studies. Rock Cycle program investigates the rock cycle and students learn the characteristics of rocks. Ecosystem Cycles investigations help students learn to differentiate between the cycles of matter and the transfer of energy within ecosystems.

What teachers have to say:

“I have been involved with BEEC for the past 10 years, it is a great program. I’m very happy that we have this resource and plan to use it again next year.”

“The students love the experience and afterwards find all kinds of connections from what the program was about to other learning experiences.”

“After a BEEC program, students seem to be more observant and respectful of nature. There is nothing better than learning about the natural world than outdoors with teachers.”

“Our field trip is one of the highlights of the year. A lot is integrated into the study: writing. data recording, making charts, making books, nature drawing… Thanks so much!  See you next year.”