Nature Explorers Summer Camp

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Nature Explorers Summer Camps & Programs 2017

June 26th through August 11th for ages 4 – 15.
A new program each week!  See below for details.

What a great summer it was with so many children exploring the natural world of Heifer Hill and greater Brattleboro!  You can see photos of the adventures here.

Join as a BEEC member at the $45/year family rate to qualify for membership discounts.  Join online here.

BEEC is dedicated to making our programs available to all!  Apply for a scholarship here.  If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund, please do so here. Thank you!

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Nature Photo Explorers ~ June 26 – 30, 9am – 3pm ~ Ages 12-15
This program will integrate digital photography into nature exploration and discovery, through a collaboration between In-Sight Photography and BEEC. We will use the camera as a lens to investigate the natural world around us. Explorations will take place at unique natural areas around Brattleboro, including woodland, aquatic and mountain adventures.  ** Drop off and pick up location will vary by the day.



Fairies and Tomtens ~ June 26 – 30, 9am – 3pm ~ Ages 5-9
$180 for BEEC members, $220 for non-members
This camp brings together the magical worlds of the farm and forest through a collaboration between the Retreat Farm and BEEC.  We will craft homes for the fairies of the forest and help the tomtens tend to the farm animals.  Magical games, songs, woodland walks and farm activities add to the fun.  ** This camp will take place at the new Children’s Farm and Forest at the Retreat Farm.

Cub Camp ~ July 3, 5, 6 & 7,  *9am – 1pm* ~ Ages 4-5
$140 for BEEC members, $180 for non-members
This camp blends imagination with discovery. We will discover creatures that crawl, leap and fly as we explore and investigate the natural world through sensory activities and play. Stories, songs, and art projects enhance the young naturalist’s experiences.

Adventures of Poppy ~ July 10 – 14, 9am – 3pm ~ Ages 6-8
$180 for BEEC members, $220 for non-members
Come discover the world of mice, porcupines and owls. Find mouse homes and build our own, dissect owl pellets, taste porcupines’ favorite foods, play predator-prey games… This camp will be inspired by the book Poppy, by Avi, as we bring the story to life on whimsical adventures into the fields and forests of Heifer Hill. We will have a special visit with a live owl from the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum.  

At Home on Heifer Hill ~ July 17 – 21, 9am – 3pm ~ Ages 8-11
$180 for BEEC members, $220 for non-members
Who lives on Heifer Hill and how do they survive? Through exploration, hands-on activities, and playful mimicry we will come to understand the lives of our wild neighbors. How can we help them? Participating in an onsite conservation project we will investigate the interrelationship between plants and animals and create habitat to help protect them for the future.

Budding Naturalists ~ July 24 – 28, 9am – 3pm ~ Ages 5-7
$180 for BEEC members, $220 for non-members
Each day we will explore a new facet of the natural world using all of our five senses. Through hands-on activities, forest wanderings, and games campers will learn about life in a pond, insects and birds on the wing in the meadows, and mammals of the forest. Stories, songs, and nature projects enhance the young naturalist’s experiences.

Wild Summer ~ July 31 – August 4, 9am – 3pm ~ Ages 9-11
$180 for BEEC members, $220 for non-members
Reclaim your wild skills! Use your senses to track and stalk, uncovering the hidden stories of the wild. Find your way using signs on the land, finding clues, and learn how to use a map and compass. Practice your fire making skills, dye cloth with plants, identify wild edibles and taste wild plant teas.  Imagine living closer to the land.

Hidden Magic ~ August 7 – 11, 9am – 3pm ~ Ages 6-9
$180 for BEEC members, $220 for non-members
They go by many names – Fairies, Abatwa, Djinn, Hu Hsien, Manitou, – living in nature, sharing their power, and taking revenge on those who offend them. Discover the secrets of magical beings and powerful places, while exploring woodland, field, water, stone, air and fire. Craft magical homes, make potions, and turn yourself into a mystical creature. Folklore and fables, enchanted games, and art projects add to the fun.

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Looking back at Nature Explorers….CubCamp frog pond

What fun filled summers exploring the fields, woods, pond and vernal pool of BEEC, finding the magic in nature, developing our naturalist and wilderness skills, and much more!  See what families have to say about BEEC Nature Explorers programs here.  Find photos from the summer of 2016 here, summer of 2015 here, and summer of 2014 here!


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