Salamander Crossing Map

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We recommend limiting driving on crossing nights, so choose a site near you, or be prepared to arrive early and to drive slowly on your way home. The sites with the largest numbers of amphibians need the most help.

MikesspotEarly Crossing sites

Huckle Hill Road in Vernon

Hinesburg Road in Guilford

Guilford Street in Brattleboro

River Road in Putney

Sites with the most amphibians on a Big Night

Grimes Hill Road in Newfane

Depot Road in Newfane

Hinesburg Road in Guilford

Green River Road in Guilford

Family Friendly Sites (low traffic back roads)

(Reminders: Salamander crossing is not recommended for toddlers; Each child should be accompanied by an adult; Reflective vests for all!)

Nick, Zach, & Jess on Orchard StreetRiver Road in Putney

Green River Road in Guilford

Any of the Dummerston sites except East/West Road

Orchard Street in Brattleboro

Guilford Street in Brattleboro

Huckle Hill Road in Vernon (the site at the top of the hill, in Massachusetts, has the least traffic)